Coach Mike G. Outlines 4 Benefits Of Using Training Mask 2.0 [Video Review]

Jun 15, 2017

Coach Mike G is a human performance coach and also the Director of Performance & Co-Owner of The Factory Training Facilities in Sherman Oak & Calabasas, California. He is in charge with designing and supervising all of the speed and performance training programs for both The Factory’s youth and professional programs.

In this video he gives an overview of the Training Mask 2.0 and outlines 4 different benefits of using it. So if you are wondering what the Training Mask will do for your fitness, Coach Mike G explains it better than anyone other else.

Let’s get to it.

Coach Mike G. looks at the Training Mask as a supplement to an athlete’s workout program. It is a tool that is going to enable people in different sports to enhance their workouts regardless of how advanced they are and regardless if there are doing that sport professionally or they are simply doing it for fun more or less often.

Here are the 4 benefits Coach Mike G. has experienced with Training Mask.

“#1) Training Mask will actually allow you to do more work in a specific time”

What he means by this is that you will actually be able to put it more effort, consume more energy, break a sweat faster, in much less time. Because of the air restriction, your body will be worked so out much harder than it would be if you would perform the same exact activities without adding any respiratory resistance.

So if you want to crank up the intensity and just do more in the same amount of time, Training Mask is the perfect tool for that. By using the interchangeable respiratory vales, you can play with the intensity of the workout as you please.

“#2) Training mask will have you performing the same amount of work, but faster”

This will apply to anything that is related to time. What this means is that if you are competing in a sport in which timing is important you should definitely see an improvement compared to your baseline.

So, if you are a runner – it can be sprints, marathons or cross-country running, or any other athlete for which speed is an important factor, you will benefit from using the Training Mask.

Mike G. is well-known for his speed and performance training programs so he has personal experience with this particular thing.

“#3) Training Mask will enhance interplay recovery within competitions in sport”

This stuff sounds really fancy, but what it means is actually pretty simple. So if you are playing football or basketball, in-between plays you are going to recover faster because you are utilizing oxygen at each breath at a much effective and efficient manner.

This basically translates to a longer play at a high level and outplaying your competition due to better endurance. This is something that we’ve seen other coaches experimenting with. By having the athletes using the Training Mask during their rest periods the recovery time was improved significantly.

“#4) Effectively train cardio-respiratory fitness while skill training for sport”

Last but not least, this is probably one of the coolest things about Training Mask – it doesn’t really come with a specific type of workout which you need to follow in order for it to do its job.

You can keep on doing your regular training regimen and just throw it in there whenever you want to put a little extra load on your cardiovascular and respiratory system. So you will still be training for your sport, you can still do your sprints, or you can still be doing shooting drills, lift weights or whatever is that you are doing.

All you need to do is use Training Mask in the right context for your specific training regimen are you will be making progress towards achieving all of these 4 benefits.

Watch the full video review here: