Legendary Fitness Trainer Clark Bartram Gets Real with Training Mask

Sep 20, 2017

Clark Bartram, America’s most trusted fitness professional has been in the fitness industry forever. Recently he got his hands on Training Mask 3.0 and put it to the test. Want to know his experience with it? Read on.

“Here’s the reality of the day and age we live in. Science is proving so many new ways of becoming more efficient as a human being. There have been advances in every aspect of how we function.”

There have been many strong opinions about Training Mask, but all that is expected with a product which practically reinvents training. As the device got more and more traction in so many different sports and even some scientific research which backs up the principle behind it, people have become more educated and more open minded.

“Often times when we are looking at something new and different and improved, the normal way we think as humans is very skeptical. But there is also the extreme side of that. There are people who will look at a product and just berate it because they don’t truly understand it.”

The best way to explain how, and more importantly, why Training Mask works is to compare it with something similar which has been proven to work and has absolutely no shade of doubt around it. And that’s resistance training.

People have been training and developing their skeletal muscles using external resistance forever. Lifting weight is the main driver of muscular growth. Resistance training acts like a stimulus to the muscle. It causes little tears in the muscle fibers from which it recovers and become more efficient, stronger and bigger. There is absolutely no doubt about that, there’s simple science behind it.

Well, guess what? The lungs and diaphragm are skeletal muscles as well. They do respond in the same exact whey when we put them to work under external resistance. There is no machine at the local gym for hitting the lungs, but Training Mask can do just that.

By using the different dial settings on Training Mask 3.0 you can adjust the air resistance just as simple as you would add or remove a plate from a barbell. It’s the exact same thing. With Training Mask you can get in a really efficient workout which targets each of the 12 respiratory muscles. 

“When we lift weights, that’s called what?  Resistance training, because we are providing an outside source of resistance to cause our muscles to react and respond to something greater than air itself.”

 Once a specific air resistance becomes too easy for you, move on to the next level – add more resistance and work out with that. It is all by constantly adapting your respiratory muscles to a more difficult stimulus. Just as you progressively overload your muscles in bodybuilding.

“Training Mask is resistance training for your lungs.”

“For those of you who are out there saying this does not work, I am going to have to push back a little bit and say I disagree because I just did the workout and the workout proved to me as a pretty fit guy that there is another level I can go to that I cannot get on my own.”

Clark shares his experience with using Training Mask 3.0 in his workout. To say the least, he was able to maximize his training right from the beginning. A guy as fit as he is would have to work much longer before he would get his lungs and cardio-vascular system going. Essentially he was able to get a better workout faster than he normally would.

And that’s what you can do right now if you would just give Training Mask a try for yourself. It can be used by anyone, you don’t have to be a seasoned athlete, you don’t need to have 30 years of fitness experience like Clark does. No, all you need to have is the will power to do it.

“What I am saying is try it for yourself.”