Inspiring Local Couple Achieves Endurance And Weight Loss Boost With Training Mask

Sep 14, 2017

Everyday you may not see somebody at your local gym wearing a Bane like mask and going super intense on the treadmill or with the weights. But if you would train at the Lititz Rec Center you would.

That’s where Jim and Lori Husser train each morning and they cannot be missed.

“You can tell that people are looking at you, and it’s just the curiosity. We’ve had people brave enough to ask, Why the mask? What is it for? Why are you wearing that?”

Even though the Training Mask is getting more and more traction and love from both pro and amateur athletes, there are still plenty of gym goers that are getting on board.

Jim and Lori Husser found out about Training Mask when they were preparing for a mountain-climbing trip to Kilimanjaro and never stopped using it ever since. Even though it doesn’t quite offer all the benefits of training at high altitude, Training Mask is the perfect trade off if you consider the portability and cost as compared to any other high altitude training devices available right now.

Training Mask will restrict the air flow to the lungs by using a valve system which can be set to different intensities. What Training Mask does ultimately is provide resistance to strengthen your respiratory muscles – namely the lungs and diaphragm.

“When we first started wearing them, maybe the third or fourth day into it, neither one of us could understand why our sides were so sore, Then we put two and two together, and it was the lung expansion.” Lori Husser says.

“Holy cow, I can’t believe how much core exercise I’m getting just by breathing.” Jim Husser says.

It also teaches your body to use oxygen more efficiently and to take deeper and fuller breaths. Ultimately you will become more aware of the way you breathe and you will become more skilled at controlling your breathing during high intensity physical activities.

But that’s not all.

“Plus we noticed a significant change in weight loss,” she adds. “I dropped 10 pounds like that,” he says.

Even though it is not its primary objective, Training Mask will promote weight loss. The reason why that happens is because your workouts will become much more intense.

We all know that weight loss happens when you burn more calories. Training Mask will make your heart rate go up more than usual which will result in burning more calories. On top of that you will get a pretty intense workout as well which will put your body in a fat burning state even after you are done training.

When we train at super high intensities, our respiratory system can’t keep up with the oxygen demand so our bodies enter an oxygen deficit state. The cells are not getting all the oxygen they need to perform at their top level.

Once we’ve done training, our body actually continues to work in order to restore the oxygen levels to the cells. This is called an oxygen debt phase and can last from just 1-2 hours up to 12 hours, depending on how intense the workout was.

Restoring the oxygen levels takes energy, therefore we continue to burn extra calories even after we’ve done training. That is what made Jim and Lori lose 10 pound and that’s what can help anyone lose some of that extra weight.

“One of the first times we got out on the trail after using these, he was like a bolt of lightning and just going and going and going,” Lori Husser says. “I could feel it too, the difference.”

Obviously, after you’ve workout using Training Mask, your regular physical activities with no additional external resistance will feel much more easier. You will be able to go faster for longer periods of time thanks to the increased stamina and conditioning.