How a Training Mask Works: An Overview of Respiratory Conditioning and Hypoxic Training

Jun 10, 2017

Training mask is a respiratory training device that can push your fitness regime to the next level.  When you integrate it into your high intensity workout it will test your limits and help you acquire more strength and stamina in the process.

The training mask works in a simple way. Its mechanism is centered on respiratory conditioning by means of hypoxic training. To understand exactly what is going on, first you need to know what hypoxic training and respiratory conditioning mean to your performance.

Hypoxic Training

Hypoxic training is a method of strengthening the respiratory system through controlled flow of oxygen. This improves human performance by making the respiratory system adapt to reduced level of oxygen than the usual. Hypoxic training is drug free and focuses on conditioning the respiratory system by adding resistance to your general level of performance. The way it works is similar to how dumbbells work for building strong and well-formed biceps. The weight of the dumbbells creates obstacles for the muscles in your arm and pushes them to work out of their regular pattern and adapt to pulling off extra strength to carry the added weight of the dumbbells. That is how athletes and fitness trainees ‘break muscles’ and allows for growth, strength and enhanced performance.

Respiratory Conditioning

Respiratory conditioning is much like a workout for your lungs. The controlled reduction of oxygen  makes your respiratory system work harder.  It will push you out of your comfort zone by making you work harder for the oxygen your body is demanding during your workout.  This exercise breaks down and strengthens the lungs and respiratory muscles that ultimately results in allowing you to perform stronger when you are not wearing the mask.

How It Works

There are now 3 variations of the Training Mask that each perform a little different. However, overall they work to achieve the same goal of resisting your oxygen intake levels during workouts, making it more challenging in an effort to strengthen your respiratory system.  The mask covers your face and allows you to select different levels of resistance for your workout.  Breathing in and out you will train your body to take deep breaths in and out.

The Benefits

The training mask can play a vital role in getting the most out of training routines since it makes the respiratory system stronger. With a stronger respiratory system you will see an increase in stamina, conditioning, recovery and maximum workout capacity.

When training with the Training Mask you are directly impacting your respiratory strength and power.  With Hypoxic conditioning you are making your body get by with less oxygen.

Training with the mask is not easy but you are working towards one goal of increased performance when it is go time.

Training masks would best suit those who are already on a competent workout routine. Trainees, gymnasts, athletes, etc. can acquire much more from their training by inducing training masks in it. This will give them the extra push to achieve the excellence they are in pursuit of.

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As they say, if it is easy, it is not worth it. If it is worth it, it will not be easy. Get after it, improve your stamina, grow stronger, and remember to breathe!