Business Insider Puts Training Mask 2.0 To The Test

Sep 12, 2017

Looking for a way to get in a more effective and time-efficient workout? The Insider Picks team inside the Business Insider publication picked up Training Mask with the goal of spicing up the monotony of working out.

We’re happy to share and comment on their experience.

“Everyone is going to require different settings with the device, but they’re available and easily accessible.”

No matter if you are a seasoned athlete or you just workout in the weekends, you need to start off gradually. Set the air resistance to a minimum for your first workout and keep it that way until you are able to get through your activity effortlessly. You need to give your lungs and diaphragm the time to adapt to different levels of resistance and use a progressive overload method rather than cranking up the intensity right from the start.

 “The Mask works with almost any type of physical activity, really kicking up the cardio aspect of it.”

If you do just a little bit of research you will find out that Training Mask is used by pro athletes in a variety of sports. There are NBA Basketball players using it in pre-season, professional trainers using it in their prescribed workouts, Olympians, MMA fighters and so forth. Not to mention endurance runners, cyclists, football players, baseball players and even weight lifters.

The great thing about Training Mask is that you can easily incorporate it into your current training routine for your specific sport. You don’t need to follow a specific regimen to make it work. So it will fit right in your workouts.

“The Training Mask simulates altitude training by forcing you to breathe against resistance — basically, it makes your body work harder to breathe.”

Training Mask will reduce the air flow and therefore the amount of oxygen you inhale, depending on the settings you are using. This will make your lungs work harder to inhale, making them stronger and it will also teach your body to use oxygen more efficiently. Overtime your whole body will become a more efficient breathing machine and when you will be competing under normal conditions, with Training Mask off, you will be performing better.

Another benefit of using Training Mask, which is often overlooked, is that it will increase your CO2 tolerance, which means you will not feel the need to breath as rapidly when you are engaged in high intensity physical activities.

Training Mask helps with developing CO2 tolerance by increasing the CO2 concentration of the air you inhale. When you exhale into the Training Mask, the re-breather is engineered to not allow the CO2 you just exhaled to dissipate too fast. So when you take your next breath you will also take in a higher CO2 content than normal.

This way the CO2 levels in your blood will rise and your body will start to develop a higher tolerance to CO2 overtime.