What is the Best Place to Buy Training Mask?

Jun 14, 2017

First and foremost, congratulations you on your decision to buy a Training Mask and take your conditioning to the next level. Getting your Training Mask from a safe and approved vendor will prevent you from getting your hands on an inferior, counterfeit product.

Why should you buy from approved sellers?

You should put safety first, after all you are going to be breathing directly though this device. All the Training Mask products undergo complex and rigorously tests before they are released.

This includes clinical tests which determine the products efficiency in enhancing performance in athletes by improving the respiratory function and overall endurance. But it also includes passing quality control tests – which proves that all Training Mask products are 100% what they are supposed to be and meet all the specifications on the product information sheet and actually accomplish the job they are supposed to accomplish.

Every single piece of the Training Mask is precisely engineered and manufactured for a superior user experience and for maximizing the results of your training program.

On top of that, buying from an approved seller is the only way you can benefit from the 90-day warranty for your product.

Last but not least, you have to realize that what you wear over your face, over your nose and mouth, when you are training is very important. You will actually breath through the mask, so for health and safety reasons, it is important to get a genuine, tested and approved product.

Counterfeit products will offer an inferior experience, are not tested for health and safety standards and are not proved to offer the same results in terms of fitness improvement.

Where to buy?

Here is a list with the Training Mask approved sellers which will keep you in the safe zone. This are all reputable sellers which have been carefully selected and offer a customer service which is Training Mask approved.

Training Mask Official Website

Obviously, the trainingmask.com official website and online store is the best place to check for detailed information about the products and shop online. Here you will find all the information you will need, including respiratory training supporting information and news about upcoming products.

Dick Sporting Goods

One of the biggest sporting products retail store in the US is another safe option and a Training Mask approved shop.  You can find the training mask on their website here: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/products/elevation-training-masks.jsp


All the Training Mask products and accessories can be also bought from Amazon.com as well. But make sure to watch out for the knock offs look-a-likes who post sketchy listings and products.  Here is a link to their store with authentic products on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Training-Mask/b/ref=w_bl_hsx_s_sp_web_3045516011?ie=UTF8&node=3045516011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Training+Mask


Last but not least, you can get the genuine Training Mask products from Walmart.com, a trusted national retailer.  You can find it on Walmart here: https://www.walmart.com/browse/training-mask/YnJhbmQ6VHJhaW5pbmcgTWFzawieie

Bottom line

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting your Training Mask from an approved seller. Stay away from fake products which declare to do the same thing, but don’t have the research, test and reviews to back up their claims.

Buy your Training Mask from an approved seller and enjoy the ultimate respiratory training experience while benefiting from a safe to use and highly efficient training tool which will enhance your performance.