Why Every Cross Country Runner Should Use the Training Mask

Jul 5, 2017

Are you ready to take your endurance and cross country performance to the next level?  Besides endurance, you will also need solid technique as well as a clear state of mind. Regardless of your fitness background, by following a rigorous training program you will be able to bring out your best at your next competition. At the very foundation of any good runner there is a very well developed stamina.

Why the Training Mask is the perfect tool for Cross Country runners

When looking to improve your stamina, the Training Mask will save you a lot of time and wear and tear on your body. Let’s face it, training for long distance runs can be very time consuming. You may not have 2-3 hours available to just run, so with the Training Mask you can cut that time in half and still benefit from a 2-3 hours run. The Training Mask makes your workout much more intense and it will give you a great cardiovascular and respiratory system training in less time making it is an extremely time efficient training device.

Secondly, the Training Mask will actually teach your body how to breathe in and breathe out more efficiently. Because of the applied breathing resistance, your lungs will work harder and you will be taking deeper, fuller breaths. Furthermore, because the amount of oxygen you will be taking in will be limited, your body will learn how to better use that oxygen.

Then when you find yourself in a real life competition and breathing at full capacity without the Training Mask your endurance and stamina will be though the roof.

How to use the Training Mask for cross country running

The awesome thing about the Training Mask is that it doesn’t interfere at all with your normal cross country training plan. This means you can still follow your normal routine and dial your settings as you see fit.

For cross country we highly recommend using the Training Mask 3.0 because you can easily adjust the air resistance by using the dial. So you can go from the easiest to the hardest setting in just a few seconds, without taking the Training Mask off.

Alright, let’s look at two example of how you can incorporate the Training Mask in your workouts.

#1 Tempo Runs

A great way of using the Training Mask to really boost the intensity of your training is when you are doing your tempo runs. On your tempo runs you are already going at a slightly higher pace that you normally run, so by using the Training Mask you will develop your cardiovascular output and strengthen your breathing muscles so much more.

Start off with an easy air resistance settings and build up your tolerance to using the Training Mask gradually. So if your normal running temp is 7 minute/mile you might want to run at a 6 minutes/mile tempo.

#2 Intervals Running

For every mile you are running, spend the first minute of that mile breathing in through your nose only, while wearing the Training Mask. Use the right respiratory resistance setting so that you can keep your desired pace while breathing in through your nose only, and breathing out through your mouth only.

This exercise will develop your breathing technique and it will make you become more aware of your breathing tempo.