Why Ironman Champion Swears By Integrating Training Mask Into His Workouts [Full Video Review]

Jul 30, 2017

2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs shares his thoughts on the effectiveness of the Training Mask and tells us exactly how to use it and what are the main benefits of integrating it in your workouts.

As we are writing this, Pete Jacobs completed 34 Ironman’s so if you are planning on stepping up your endurance game you definitely want to hear him out. He has been a professional triathlete for 8 years now and he is looking forward to many, many years of competing. He is also well-known motivational speaker and a heavy promoter of health and fitness all around the globe.

“Everybody will find benefits from using the Training Mask.”

Pete’s workouts consist mainly of endurance-based type of training, which often means cycling or jogging for up to a few hours, while wearing the Training Mask.

“I use it to control my breathing, relax my mind and body as one […] it’s just really simple to use and regulate your breathing”

What is powerful about Pete’s review is that he actually talks about a topic which is rarely touched by other athletes – mental preparation.

He finds Training Mask not only an effective way of improving your physical conditioning, but also a good tool to disconnect from anything else, relax and just focus on your breathing, of how your body feels and more on the mental side of things. Being prepared from a mental or psychological point of view for a competition such as the Ironman can make the difference between you and the guy next to you who trained just as hard.

“This can give you very similar results [to other very expensive high altitude training options] at a minimum price and the comfort of your own home.”

Finally, Pete also mentions how convenient it is to use the Training Mask. Beside the fact that you can incorporate it into your current training regimen without actually changing up anything, it is also much more inexpensive that other similar training techniques such as using elevation tents, machines that simulate training at high altitude or even going up high in the mountains and training or living there for a certain period of time.

So, there you have it! A guy who has won a World Champion Ironman title and competed in a ton of high difficulty competition stands here and is giving Training Mask thumbs up.

Be open minded about it, get in a couple of workouts with it and then decide for yourself if Training Mask is the right piece of equipment for you or not.