3 Science Backed Benefits of Using the Training Mask

Jun 23, 2017

It this post we are going to outline the top 3 science backed benefits of using the Training Mask in your workout routine. The ability of your body to handle the stress of not being able to breathe as fast or as hard as you would like has proven to be beneficial in improving stamina but, as we are about to see, there a are other significant benefits as well.

#1 Building Stronger Core

Having a strong core is important for athletic performance in general. Take barbell squats for example. The heavier the weights you are using the more strength you will need in your core muscles to keep your trunk tight and stabilize the weight while you go up and down.

Building a strong core is a byproduct of using the Training Mask which many are not aware of. If you think about it, the tightness of your core will be determined to a great extent by how strong your diaphragm and respiratory muscles are.

Yes, your core stability will also rely on your abs and intercostal muscles which you can directly train by using bodyweight and resistance training exercises. But true core stabilization starts with a strong diaphragm, and using the Training Mask is the best way of building up the strength of your diaphragm.

Going back to our squat example, when you do a squat with a heavy barbell on your back you hold your breath, right? What you are actually doing by holding your breath is creating a high intra-thoracic pressure by keeping more air inside your lungs. If you increase your lungs ventilation capacity you will be able to hold in more air. This will create a higher intra-thoracic pressure which results in increased core stability.

Combine all this with strong abs and you will have a nice sold all-round core to support a wide variety of training activities.

#2 Boosts Fat Loss

Training Mask is a great tool to use for getting shredded because it instigates after burn effect or exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC). After burn means that your body continues to burn calories even after you are done with your workout.

During your exercise the body will want more oxygen than it normally does. The higher the intensity of your workout, the longer the after burn effect will last. This occurs because the body cannot get in the required amount of oxygen during the time of your training. Therefore, it will take longer for the body to consume the whole amount of oxygen need to compensate the oxygen deficit.

After the workout your body will undergo an ‘oxygen debt’ state when it will make up for the entire oxygen debt deficit accumulated during your high intensity exercise.

Given of the importance of the role of intensity to boost the fat loss effect, it is beneficial to incorporate the Training Mask on a variety of exercises, ranging from medium to high intensity activities. As you might have guessed, anaerobic exercises will give you a higher EPOC effect and therefore you will burn more calories post-workout.

And it gets even better than that. The more training experience you have the longer the EPOC ‘window’ will last. In other words, the more often you use the Training Mask, the longer your post-workout fat burning window will last.

#3 Better Respiratory Stamina

Probably the most important benefit of using the Training Mask is achieving better respiratory stamina. There literally is no better way to train your respiratory muscles. There is no gym equipment to help you achieve the same results as you can achieve by using the Training Mask.

By adding more and more resistance to your breathing, the lungs will become stronger and your whole body will adapt to using oxygen more efficiently. Oxygen is any athlete’s best friend. It supports physical activities in so many ways.

It has a tremendous role in producing energy and in maintaining a constant PH level. It also helps with excess lactic acid which can mess-up with the output of the muscles and your overall performance.

A solid and strong supply of oxygen to all of your muscles will play a vital role on how strong and for how long you can keep going on a marathon, on a cross-fit challenge or on a high-pace mountain hike.

A smart use of the Training Mask will result in increased performance, better core stability and faster fat loss. Each and every one of these benefits has been proven by studies and has both anecdotal and science-based evidence behind it.