Dai Manuel’s Training Mask Review: No Mountain Ranges? No Problem!

Sep 10, 2017

Dai Manuel is a lifestyle mentor which has a passion for fitness. He went from being an obese teenager to having a nice muscular and lean physique. Now he inspires people around the world to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. He’s mostly known for doing crossfit type of workouts, but he’s also experienced with strength training and loves to give out exercising tips for older adults and all family members.

He is a self-taught health, nutrition and fitness expert and we are happy to see him trying out Training Mask. Here are some highlights of his review after using it for 6 weeks.

“Increased lung-capacity and anaerobic threshold.”

The first thing that Dai experienced after just 6 weeks with the Training Mask is that his endurance improved significantly. His daily routine starts off with some cardio on the row machine and not only that his time got better, but he was also able to keep up a higher pace through his regular daily crossfit workout.

The most noticeable improvement was on the exercises that are short but intense, but Dai also noticed an improvement in terms of stamina. These things are central to Training Mask’s benefits. By making your lungs more powerful you will be able to breath more efficiently and actually put less of your energy into the breathing and more into your workouts. Ultimately this means you will be able to go harder for longer periods of time regardless of the type of physical activity you are performing.

Dai personally found this to help him during anaerobic, short and intense activities – probably because his workouts are focused on this kind of exercises, but it will work the same for aerobic type of activities.

“Increased Oxygen and energy production.”

It’s funny that Dai mentions this because oxygen is in fact super important for energy production, but very few athletes know this. Oxygen has a major role in ATP production which is basically the fuel used by the muscles during any kind of physical activities.

Dai even did a little benchmark test where he timed his row for 500 meters before and after he started using Training Mask. His initial best was 1:33 which is not bad at all.

Then, he got his row timed during a competition and he got it done in 1:26, so that’s definitely a massive improvement which demonstrates exactly what we are saying to everybody – Training Mask will keep you going harder for longer periods of time.

“Increased Mental and physical stamina (and mental focus)”

Lastly but not least Dai touches on the mental aspects of things and how Training Mask helps you better connect with your body and just be in control of everything.

Training Mask will improve your focus, it will teach you how to become aware of the way you breathe and how to control your breathing during high intensity exercising. That’s how Dai managed to improve his mental focus and control his pacing so that his workouts are more efficient.

Staying on top of your physical game is important, but once you master it from a mental point of view you’re very likely to be one step ahead of your competition.

With that being said, we challenge you to try the Training Mask for yourself and don’t just take our word (or Dai’s word) for it. Give it a try and see the results for yourself.