Kris Cantu Used the Training Mask to Get Ripped Abs

Jun 14, 2017

Kris Cantu is a weight lifter whose mission is to help one million men become a better version of themselves, both physically and mentally. He likes to call himself the Spiritual Warrior and his whole brand and life philosophy for that matter, is based on a famous quote from the Matrix movie: “all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”

He is an active YouTuber and in this video he shares with us his experience with using the Training Mask and how that helped him in achieving his fitness goals. Let’s get to it and hear him out.

“Training Mask kicked my workouts up ten notches.”

Most of Kris’s workouts are weight lifting based –deadlifts, squats, curls, bench pressing and so on.  Weightlifters are generally concerned with getting bigger and stronger, and hardly anyone focuses on improving their lungs and diaphragm, even though Training Mask can actually help building more muscle as well, by making oxygen supply more efficient – which will greatly impact ATP production.

“It makes me sweat so much more, it makes my workouts so much more intense and it really helps me focus on whatever it is that I am doing.”

One of the first things any Training Mask newbie will notice, and what Kris noticed as well, is that it will make your physical activity much more intense right from the very start, and he mentions how he is sweating so much more when using it.

As a weight lifter, your workouts will consist of pretty short and heavy sets with relatively long pauses in between so that your muscles get enough rest for you to be able to hit the next set using roughly the same amount of weight.

But a routine like this will hardly make you break a sweat.  This changed 180 degrees when Kris started going through his workouts with the Training Mask on. What we really liked about his review is that he mentioned how Training Mask helps him focus on whatever exercise he is doing. This can be extremely important, especially in bodybuilding where you want to develop that mind-muscle connection are focus on contracting the muscles as you work out, rather than just go through the motion and thinking of something else.

“It helped me accomplish my goal already for this year which was to have ripped abs.”

A consequence of making the workout much more difficult is that the amount of calories you will burn in the gym will skyrocket. And if your training is intense enough and you get to the point where you really have a hard time catching your breath, you will continue to burn calories even after you have finished your workout. This happens because your body gets into an oxygen debt state and needs to continue to work hard to replenish the oxygen levels.

This is what helped Kris Cantu to accomplish his goal of having a six pack. Constant being in a caloric deficit helped him lose more fat and have those abs come in more.

“I definitely recommend picking it up. If you are looking to jump start your workouts this is the way to go.”

So if you are weightlifter, power lifter or bodybuilder and want to try out something different, give Training Mask a try. It will make your workouts harder, it will make you break a sweat easier (if you are having trouble with that) and it will also help you lose more fat and water weight.  You just need to put it to the test and use it often enough just as Kris did. If you’ve been watching the video you may have noticed him saying that he has been using it in almost all of his workouts.

What the full video here: