Boost Your Respiratory Training with Training Mask

Jun 12, 2017

Boost Your Respiratory Training with Training Mask

If you want to get improve your respiratory training but you have no idea how you can do it you are in the right place.

In this post we are going to explain what respiratory training is, we are going to look at some of its most important benefits, and lastly we are going to introduce a revolutionary piece of equipment – the Training Mask – which can literally change the game of respiratory training.

What is respiratory training

Did you know that respiratory muscles react in the exact same way as any other skeletal muscle when they are trained? You may be wondering, how on earth can you train your respiratory muscles? How can you work out your lungs? Last time I checked my gym there was no machine designed to target those muscle specifically.

To put it in simply, respiratory training involves breathing under some kind of resistance. Just like resistance training makes your skeletal muscles adapt by growing bigger and stronger, resistance breathing will make your lungs get stronger and more effectively.

The benefits of respiratory training

Increases performance

The most important advantage of respiratory training is that it will increase the performance of any physical activity, no matter if you are just an average gym goer or a professional marathon runner.

It accomplishes that by making your respiratory system stronger and more efficient. This means you will be using less energy on your breathing and therefore you can put more fuel and focus in the physical activity that you are performing.

As you already know, respiratory muscles can put a cap on your exercise performance and endurance, regardless of the sport you are doing. So developing your respiratory muscles to the point where they can keep up with the demand from your body will improve your overall performance.

More energy available for the skeletal muscles

There are 12 sets of muscles used to breath in and out (inhale and exhale). These muscles can take up to 15% of the total energy you are using when you are doing an intense physical activity. If you train your respiratory muscles to grow stronger, they will require less energy. Thus, more energy will flow to your arms, legs or any other skeletal muscles that need it.

Minimize the breathlessness sensation

If you’ve been running a lot I’m sure you are familiar with that breathlessness sensation you get towards the finish line. That breathing discomfort will limit your capacity to perform at the level of intensity you could if you had a well-developed respiratory system.

With many athletes this is the limiting factor. Not their leg muscle endurance. By training your lungs to the point where they are no longer the limiting factor, you will boost your overall performance significantly.

Using Training Mask to improve athletic performance

Building up you respiratory system has never been more convenient than before. Regardless if you are a beginner or a pro, you can take your conditioning to the next level by using the right Training Mask for your own personal fitness goals.

What the Training Mask does is enhance your endurance. These masks use a valve system which controls the amount of air flow to the lungs. Ultimately, this will force you to inhale deeper and take deeper breaths depending on the setting you use on the mask valves. This resistance is what trains your respiratory system.

The lungs are stressed to work harder when the air flow is restricted. Overtime they will get used to this type of resistance training and they will start using the available oxygen more efficiently. As a result you will increase both your lung and aerobic capacity. This has been scientifically proven to enhance performance in many different sports.

The training masks has different settings which allows you to customize your workout and easily set the level of resistance you want to use on your trainings.

Besides building up the efficiency of your lungs, training masks also allow you to learn how to breath better by pacing and deepening your breathing. This is something that you are not paying attention to when you are not using any breathing restriction tool. So a training mask will allow you to involuntary improve your breathing technique.

You noticed how your breathing becomes rapid when you are in the middle of a high intensity training session? The air flow turnover is minimal when you are taking short, rapid breaths.

Deeper breaths however supply significantly better air turnover and more oxygen to your body. Training masks will enable you to start focusing on breathing deep while you are training at high intensity.

So if you are on a mission to boost your endurance and conditioning by developing your respiratory capacity, using a training mask might be the best way of doing so. Start incorporating respiratory training in your workout routine and see for yourself how your body reacts to the new stimulus. Start off by doing short and low intensity respiratory training sessions and then step it up a little bit as your lungs adapt to the resistance.

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