Make a Simple Workout More Intense with Joshua Delgado

Sep 6, 2017

Joshua Delgado is a fan of Training Mask.  On his YouTube channel he documents some of his opinions of the Training Mask and shows his intense workouts while wearing the mask.

“It’s a good benefit. It gives you endurance, it gives you better lungs and overall it makes your workouts a lot better all-around instead of working out with nothing on.”

If you are looking for a killer bodyweight workout, here’s something you may want to try. This will look as plain and simple workout at first, but Training Mask will really challenge your breathing and it will get your heart rate up in no time. So we’re looking at a calisthenics type of workout which focus on the upper body and core.

Exercise #1 Pull-ups

First exercise is bodyweight pull-ups with the Training Mask set to 18,000 feet elevation. This is really taxing on your body, so if you’re not really an advanced guy or gal, you might want to start off with an easier air resistance.

10 reps with 2×10 seconds holds on the very last rep.

Exercise #2 Push-ups

Immediately after the pull-ups with no rest time in between we’re moving on to push-ups. One set of 20 reps, same setting on the Training Mask. If 20 reps is too much for you don’t worry that much about numbers – just try to get in at least 10 reps and focus more on you form and breathing.

Exercise #3 Plank

After we’re done with the push-ups we are going to hold a plank for 30 seconds which the Training Mask is on. At this point you should really feel your breathing become much more deep and the effect of the Training Mask should definitely be there.

Exercise #4 Knee raises

Next, we are moving on to a set of 10 knee raises. If you’re feeling strong and you want to spice things up even more you can combine the knee raises with chin-ups and alternate the two.

Exercise #5 Plank

Next we’re going into plank again for another 30 seconds to really obliterate the core muscles and get that heart rate up.

Exercise #6 Dips

For the last exercise we’re going to be doing some bodyweight dips. Do anywhere from 10 to 20 reps.

And that concludes the quick and challenging workout.

“I like to challenge myself. It makes it harder for you. A lot of people work out to make it harder for them.“

You can repeat the whole set of 5 exercise 3-4 times with a couple of minutes of resting in between. If you feel you are not able to complete the routine use an easier setting on the Training Mask.

“Makes a simple workout more intense.”

That’s how you can turn a normal 60 minutes training session in a super high intensity 20 minutes work out and get even more benefits. You save time, you develop your lungs and most importantly you are building your endurance and stamina.

Now, Joshua looks like a guy who has some training experience and he is able to handle this particular routine using a really difficult air resistance setting, but if you are not at that level yet, leave your ego at the door and use a setting which allows you to complete the workout.