Terron Beckham – Don’t Listen To The Know-It-All Internet Trolls [Video Review]

Aug 1, 2017

If there is one thing to know about Terron Beckham, it is that he has an opinion. For those of you who are not familiar with him, Terron is a football player and fitness enthusiast known primarily on Instagram and YouTube. Even though he has the physique of a bodybuilder, don’t let that fool you. Terron is actually an all-round athlete who has outstanding sprinting and endurance capabilities.

Terron Beckham is one of the many athletes who shared his opinion on Training Mask on the Internet, and here is what he has to say.

“You read something on the Internet and you bash it without even trying it.”

First, Terron is keeping it real by addressing the ungrounded, negative comments about Training Mask. He is an actual user of Training Mask 2.0 who actually took the time and effort to incorporate it into his workouts and see for himself if it works or not, he stands firm behind the results with consistent usage.

Unfortunately, many people simply watch a video or read a post on the Internet which talks trash about the Training Mask and immediately shoot it out because of that, without actually giving it a try or at least doing a more in-depth research about it.  All of this even when there is actual scientific evidence that shows how Training Mask can improve aerobic performance in athletes. America Council of Exercise conducted a study which proves that the Training Mask improves strength and endurance by increasing the power output (PO).

“My mile run wasn’t that great, but I’m down 20 seconds already.”

Speaking about improving endurance and power output, Terron actually experienced the increase in respiratory endurance and stamina.

By using the Training Mask he was able to significantly improve his aerobic performance after just two weeks since he started using it. All he did to achieve that was to follow the same training routine as before, but have the Training Mask on during the first half of his workout.

So, for example if you are doing some sprint drills, start off with the Training Mask on and then when you are halfway through it, take the Training Mask off and continue your workout.

This method of training works a little bit like the reverse pyramid training does in weight training. You start off with something that is really heavy and then as you fatigue, you drop the weight (or the air resistance in our case). By doing this you are able to continue to train just as hard for a few more sets, or sprints or whatever it is that you are doing.

      “It doesn’t take that much to get my heart rate up now.”               

Terron also mentions that when he is following a specific type of workout that supports fat loss, he has a hard time breaking a sweat or getting is heart rate up. This is something that many well trained athletes experience simply because their conditioning is superb and it take a lot of volume and intensity to get them in the fat burning zone.

By using the Training Mask everything becomes very intense right from the very start. You don’t need to spend much time doing a whole bunch or sets and reps to get your body to really feel it.

Just jump straight into your cardio, put on the Training Mask, set the right air resistance and you will get your heart rate up in to time. With traditional cardio sessions you can spend the first quarter of your workout just getting warmed up. So the Training Mask will be much more effective from this point of view. Getting your BMP up to 130-135 can take as little as 2 minutes.

Spending more time in the right heart rate zone will mean more fat loss during your workout as well as after you are done working out.

Terron Beckham promotes an all-around, complete type of body – which doesn’t necessarily mean having just a great muscular and lean physique, but also good endurance, good stamina and overall a good cardio vascular conditioning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]