Training Mask Burns Fat Even When You Are Not Wearing It

Jun 22, 2017

Let me start with a little disclaimer – this is not a lose weight overnight type of article. There is no secret or shortcut to losing fat, no gimmicks here. This is just a straight, science based approach of losing fat. We will teach you how you can do it in the most efficient and optimal way possible. But you will still need to put in the work.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to it.

You may know by now that Training Mask is a great tool to build your respiratory muscles and crank up the intensity of your workouts. This is regardless of the sport you are doing and no matter how advanced you are. So, just by doing your routine having the Training Mask on you will start to use more calories while you workout simply because of the air restriction. This means you will be able to reach a higher caloric deficit easier.

But this is just one of the effects the Training Mask will have on your fat loss goal. There are other dimensions brought in by the Training Mask.

#1 Higher Growth Hormone Levels

Training Mask will trigger and increase in the natural production of growth hormone which is great for fat loss. As you may know, our body will use fat as an energy source as a last resort. Usually that happens when you go 8 hours or more without eating and your insulin level drops and HGH level goes up.

But using the Training Mask to boost the intensity of your program will actually make HGH level rise even if the insulin concentration is not that low yet. This mean you can be in a fat burning state for longer periods of time. And of course you will benefit from all the other positive effects of growth hormone such as anti-aging, muscle growth, increased bone density or faster injury recovery.

One of the main drivers of accelerated fat burning as a result of high intensity training is the increased production of human growth hormone. I believe this is a really powerful fat loss tool, yet so often overlooked.

#2 Increases Insulin Sensitivity

There is an indirect connection between the level of insulin and the level of growth hormone in out body. HGH naturally skyrockets when we are running low on insulin. Usually this happens at night because that is when you go longer without eating (unless you are doing an intermittent fasting type of diet).

Intense training will actually make our system more sensitive to insulin, which means we are going to need less of it, so the body will produce lower levels of insulin. Less insulin ultimately means more human growth hormone and a better mobilization of the fatty acids inside the body.

So this is another cool way in which using the Training Mask to crank up the intensity of your workout can help you burn fat more efficiently.

#3 Exaggerated EPOC Responses

Let’s talk briefly about EPCO or the after burn effect. It is well known that an intense aerobic workout, and by intense I mean to the point where you get that breathless sensation, will trigger the after burn effect.

When you train really hard, your respiratory system is unable to supply the necessary amount of oxygen need by the muscles to perform at the required level. So there is not going to be enough oxygen inside your cells to produce all the energy you require at that particular moment.

This causes an accumulation of oxygen deficit throughout your training program. This is something that your body will need to pay off after you are done with the workout. It is called EPOC or oxygen debt state and it has costs to it. The body will undergo a resynthesizing state which has the role to supply the energy deficit accumulated during your intense physical activity. This continues to keep your body in a calorie burn state for long periods of time even after you are done working out.

There you have it. Three science approved ways in which training really intense will make you lose faster even after you are done with your workout.